How can your brand grow using blockchain technology?

Branding is all about storytelling and blockchain is a new, revolutionary language. UNICKE creates strategies to engage your brand in new conversations

In a nutshell: we create branded Marketplaces, Virtual galleries and taylor-made NFTs. Blockchain is the talk of the town and we can help you join in the conversation.


Meet the Unickers

Julia Gersberg

Julia is vibrant and joyful. For the last 15 years, she has been working across the whole scope of communications: radio, digital media platforms and live event production. Resourceful and versatile, Julia’s acute perception can detect exactly what a brand needs to make hearts swoon.
Julia holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a master’s degree in Entertainment and Media. Her skills as a Brand Strategist have been perfected through time and experience: she has worked for international companies as well as for the local public sector in Buenos Aires, a culturally provocative city. Julia’s piercing eye and holistic understanding of brands make up for the outstanding Creative Direction she conducts at Unicke.

Lucio Sanguinetti

Lucio has a curious and analytical mind and, let's face it, he’s quite a geek as well. “Lucho”, as we like to call him, is vastly trained in Systems Engineering and in Digital Marketing. An early adopter of blockchain technology, he is Unicke’s expert in the matter. A true metaverse whiz. Gary Vaynerchuk is his guru not only because of his expertise in blockchain marketing but mainly because of the values he stands for: being grateful and humble.

Carolina Mandil

Carolina is a go-getter and an avid networker. She’s also curious and restless. After an extensive career in Strategic and Digital Marketing, she has positioned herself as a digital whiz. She holds a BA in Administration and an MA in E-Business Management. She is an entrepreneur and her forte is being ahead of trends.
As Unicke’s Commercial Director, she is in charge of outlining a sharp business plan. In addition, she will contribute to designing tailor-made digital experiences for our clients. A digital nomad in love with the NFT revolution, Caro embodies the endless opportunities and the freedom of the new world. She loves acting and empowering other women. Meet Carolina, one of our founders.

Joaquín Attanasio

Joaquín is a data architect and a computer hero. At college, he studied Computer Engineering and he’s an expert in Business Intelligence. He has been working for the past decade in Consulting focused on data analysis. Focused on processes and mapping, Joaquín’s job is to help others make smarter and more efficient decisions that make everyday life a little better.
At Unicke, Joaquín is in charge of supervising the technical aspects of our services and making strategic decisions linked to the possibilities of blockchain technology. Joaquín has the answer for all the questions that begin with: “How are we doing this?”. In his free time, you can find him playing rugby or reading about Particle Physics or maybe cooking. He’s a heartwarming techie.

Branding powered by blockchain technology

Branding powered by blockchain technology

Branding powered by blockchain technology

Branding powered by blockchain technology

Branding powered by blockchain technology

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